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VFT Information
Title:A Day in the Life of a Homesteader
Description:In the "Day in the Life of a Homesteader" presentation, the park ranger will provide students with an understanding of the Homestead Act of 1862, share about life in a homesteading era, and the daily routines that homesteader follows.

The program format at the Homestead web site provides additional information about the program. http://www.nps.gov/home/learn/education/learning/dayinlife.htm

Additional programs offered by Homestead National Monument includes A School Day in 1872, Follow the Buffalo, and the Homestead Act of 1862.

As a follow up to the VFT, you are requested to complete a post event reflection at http://goo.gl/GMpSvg

Subject(s):Social Science
Grade Levels:Grade 3Grade 4Grade 5
VFT Type:Talk to the Expert
Meeting Time:Schedule upon request by teacher
Duration:40 minutes
Registration Info:To register for one of the Homestead National Monument Service programs contact the program provider (see Provider Information below). For questions about equipment, desktop applications or other concerns, contact your local ESU distance learning specialist. Click here for a list of ESU contacts.

Tech Requirements:Video conferencing systems or desktop applications such as Lifesize ClearSea, Zoom.
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Provider Information
Provider Name:Homestead National Monument of America
Description:With the promise of Free Land, the Homestead Act of 1862 enticed millions to cultivate the frontier. Families, immigrants, women, and freed slaves flooded 10 percent of the nation’s land to chase their American Dream. American Indian cultures and natural environments gave way to diverse settlement, agricultural success, and industrial advancement—building our nation and changing the land forever.
Contact:Ramon Mangual or Susan Cook
Phone Number:402-223-3514
Email:ramon_mangual@nps.gov or susan_cook@nps.gov