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Title:Senator George Norris: The Public Servant Life

Senator George Norris: The Public Servant Life: In this two-part series (each lesson is 30 minutes) students investigate what it means to be a public servant. We do this through the life of Nebraska’s own, Senator George Norris, exploring his life through primary sources such as photos, artifacts, a political cartoon, and stories. Sometimes these two Nebraska Sam lessons are hosted in Norris’s McCook home and other times, they are hosted at the Nebraska History Museum. The central questions are:
Lesson 1. Who did Senator Norris look up to as he grew up to be a public servant? (30 minutes)
Lesson 2. What did Senator Norris accomplish as a public servant? (30 minutes, can be separated from Lesson 1)


NE State Standards: NE Social Studies (4th grade) 4.1.2.d; 4.4.3.a; 4.4.3.b; 4.4.4.c;


Required MAterials: Paper and pencil for each student for pre-lesson activity


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Subject(s):Social Science
Grade Levels:Grade 3Grade 4Grade 5
VFT Type:Talk to the Expert
Meeting Time:Schedule upon request by teacher
Duration:30 minutes
Registration Info:To register for this program, contact the program provider Jessica Stoner for field trip information at (402) 471-3270 or jessica.stoner@nebraska.gov.
Tech Requirements:Supports desktop connections using Zoom (or other video conferencing service) microphone, and video capability.
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Provider Name:History Nebraska

Our Mission
History Nebraska collects, preserves, and opens to all, the histories we Nebraskans share.

History Nebraska was founded in 1878 to "encourage historical research and inquiry, spread historical information . . . and to embrace alike aboriginal and modern history." In 1883 it was designated a state institution and began receiving financial support from the legislature. Legislation in 1994 changed History Nebraska from a state institution to a state agency.

Contact:Jessica Stoner
Phone Number:402-471-4751