Virtual Field Trip Details
VFT Information
Title:Science through PLAY!

Contact us to utilize the Lincoln Children's Museum exhibits and additional hands on activities. Our virtual field trip opportunities address many of the K-2 science and social studies standards through an interactive, online experience. Contact us directly or access our website to learn more about our latest exhibits and offerings.


As a follow up to the VFT, you are requested to complete a post event reflection at https://goo.gl/mFU4X5

Subject(s):ScienceSocial Science
Grade Levels:KindergartenGrade 1Grade 2
VFT Type:Talk to the Expert
Meeting Time:Schedule upon request by teacher
Duration:30 minutes
Registration Info:To register for one of the Lincoln Children's Museum programs contact the program provider, Lindsey Bartlett, Director of Community and Learning via email at Exhibits@lincolnchildrensmuseum.org or phone at 402-477-4000.
Tech Requirements:

Supports desktop connections using Zoom, Google Hangout, or Microsoft Teams. Pre-recorded lessons are also available upon request.

For questions about equipment, desktop applications or other concerns, contact your local ESU distance learning specialist. Click here for a list of ESU contacts.

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Provider Information
Provider Name:Lincoln Children's Museum

Build, dance, play, climb, create, sing, and laugh at the Lincoln Children's Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska. Here you can be whatever and go wherever your imagination takes you! The Lincoln Children's Museum offers three floors and 23,300 square feet of hands-on exhibits and imaginative programs that allow children and adults to discover the adventure of learning through play together.


Play is every child’s most important job. It is how they learn to work with other people and to engage their sense of creativity. With your support, we can contribute to building a stronger community by providing opportunities to children to experience the power of play, and in turn, discover something new about themselves and the world in which they live.

The Museum is a member of the Association of Children's Museums (ACM). During your travels, the Lincoln Children's Museum encourages you to visit other children's museums throughout the country. 

Contact:Lindsey Bartlett, Director of Community and Learning
Phone Number:402-477-4000