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Course Name:Inter Algebra
Provided Through:Mid-Plains Community College-North Platte
Entity:Mid-Plains Community College-North Platte
Description:MATH 1010 Intermediate Algebra
3.0 credit hours
45.0 Classroom Hours = 45.0 Lecture Hours
Properties of real numbers, factoring, exponents and radicals, linear and fractional equations, linear and nonlinear inequalities, quadratic equations, and functions and graphs. NOTE: This course will not satisfy the general education requirement for the Associate of Arts degree but can be used as an elective. This course may not be accepted in transfer toward the general education requirement for a baccalaureate degree. Prerequisite: Completion of MATH 0900 or MATH 0950 with at least a "C", adequate level on the math placement test, or placement based on multiple measures.
Grade Levels:11 - College

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NVIS ID:8512
Instructor:McCall, Alexa
Credit Type:Dual
Delivery Mode:Synchronous
Class meets:Spring 2024 from 1/15/2024 to 5/9/2024 at 9:30 AM-10:45 AM(Central) - TR
Block Schedule:No
Availability:Open for registration
Computer required:No
Proctor required:No
LMS required:No
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