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Course Name:Intro Ag Econ
Provided Through:Mid-Plains Community College-North Platte
Entity:Mid-Plains Community College-North Platte
Description:AGRI 1410 Intro to Ag-Economics
3.0 credit hours
45.0 Classroom Hours = 45.0 Lecture Hours
The purpose of this introductory course is for students to develop a basic understanding and appreciation for the role of economics in agriculture at the (1) firm, (2) national, and (3) international levels. The main focus of this course will be directed at the firm level or the study of microeconomics. Students will learn to apply various economic principles and concepts relating to production agriculture, business management, consumer behavior, market price analysis and equilibrium, and public policy formation. An overview of the structure and scope of the U.S. food and fiber sector and its current trends/implications for the national economy will also be presented. Additional course topics will include rural development, natural resources, world food economics, international trade and policy, market structure and competition, and monetary/fiscal policies as time permits during the semester.
Grade Levels:11 - 12

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NVIS ID:7779
Instructor:Nutt, Cathy
Credit Type:Dual
Delivery Mode:Synchronous
Class meets:Fall 2022 from 8/24/2022 to 12/15/2022 at 11:00 AM-12:15 PM(Central) - W
Block Schedule:No
Availability:Open for registration
Computer required:No
Proctor required:No
LMS required:No
Enrolled: Mid-Plains Community College-North Platte
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