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Course Name:Intro to Digital Design
Entity:Central Valley Public Schools
Description:This course will introduce students to the technical tools and processes used in digital design. Students will be introduced to the
design process model which includes typography, color, and imagery. In addition, design software will be utilized to create
graphics, animation, web pages, and video. Students will demonstrate proper use of fair use guidelines. Career opportunities in
digital design will be explored.
Grade Levels:9 - 12
Comments:Student License for Adobe Creative Cloud - $19.99 / Month (annual plan, billed monthly) $239.88 / Year (annual plan, prepaid) Programs Used: - Adobe Photoshop - Adobe Illustrator - Adobe InDesign - Adobe Flash (used in 1 unit) - Abode Premier Pro (used in 1 unit, mainly used in intermediate and advanced course) - Adobe After Effects (used in 1 unit, mainly used in intermediate and advanced course) Each student will need this material plus price for contracting this course over web with Central Valley.

Distant Learning Coordinator Contact Information
DLC Contacts: Beth Kabes bkabes@esucc.org 402-564-5753
Jason Everett Jeverett@esu10.org 308-237-5927

Section Information
NVIS ID:4098
Instructor:Wood, Scott
Credit Type:High School
Delivery Mode:Asynchronous
Class meets:8/16/2016 to 5/19/2017
Block Schedule:No
Availability:Open for registration
Computer required:Yes
Proctor required:No
LMS required:Yes
LMS instructions:Schoology 
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