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Provider Name:LUX Center for the Arts
Description:The LUX Center for the Arts
Our Mission: LUX Center for the Arts is dedicated to transforming lives through art. We are a community of art lovers providing education through art classes, artist in residency programs, gallery exhibitions, and community outreach. We believe the LUX can help people make meaningful connections to art regardless of who they are.

LUX Center for the Arts is truly Lincoln's community arts center, a vital resource for the visual arts in Nebraska.
The LUX offers year-round art classes for children, youth and adults in ceramics, painting, drawing, glass, mixed media, and metals/jewelry. The quality of instruction sets the LUX apart. Classes are taught by artist/teachers in our Artist-in-Residence program, which each year brings four professional, well-educated, emerging artists/teachers to Lincoln to teach, in exchange for studio space, materials, and a solo exhibition.
Our outreach programs expand our community impact. Our outreach program was developed to provide art-making classes and workshops to low-income school children and the elderly, Alzheimer's patients, cancer survivors, incarcerated youth, and other groups. Two outreach programs stand out – the classes we provide to four Title 1 Lincoln Elementary schools and the classes we provide to incarcerated children at Lancaster County Youth Services, supported by your donations and our community partners.
The LUX holds a sterling reputation as a place to view and experience challenging, stimulating art. Recent exhibitions included artists Charley Friedman, Ryan Crotty, Nancy Friedemann-Sánchez, Gail Kendall and more. Each month, we feature new exhibitions from local, regional and national artists. Nearly 14,000 visited our galleries in 2016/17, and First Friday events are always well attended.
The LUX houses the LUX Print collection, a collection of 400 prints collected by founder Gladys Lux. A part-time curator supported in part by the Nebraska State Historical Society Foundation, maintains the prints and produces four exhibitions in the LUX Print Gallery each year. These exhibitions provide an opportunity for the community to see artwork by some of the most significant artists of the early and mid twentieth century.
Contact:Lindsey Clausen, Director of Programs
Phone Number:402-466-8692

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