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Course Name:Calculus I (UNO MATH 1950)
Provided Through:University of Nebraska High School
Entity:University of Nebraska - Omaha

This is a course in plane analytic geometry emphasizing the study of functions, limits, derivatives and applications, and an introduction to integration. In addition to meeting the curricular requirements of the UNO course, this course meets the requirements for the advanced placement exam.
Students that take this course as dual enrollment through UNO will register for both MATH 1950 at UNO along with MTHH 071 and MTHH 072 at UNHS. More information about taking UNHS courses for college credit at UNO can be found at


Grade Levels:11 - 12
Prerequisites:2 years of Algebra; 1 year of Geometry
Comments:Need enrollment instructions? Visit: http://highschool.nebraska.edu or contact UNHS Customer Service for more information. UNHS Customer Service can also assist with questions about UNO Dual Enrollment credit. Toll Free: 866-700-4747 highschool@nebraska.edu

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7549 Offered: Asynchronously from 8/1/2021 to 7/31/2022  To Be Determined
7906 Offered: Asynchronously from 8/1/2022 to 7/31/2023  To Be Determined