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Course Information
Course Name:Computer Assisted Drafting
Entity:Bancroft-Rosalie High School
Description:Dual credit with Northeast Community College) ARCH 1240 Computer Assisted Drafting (2 Credits) and ARCH 1250 Computer Assisted Drafting Lab (2 Credits)
This course provides the skills and technical knowledge for an advanced student in areas of industry, safety, material, equipment and process understanding. The student will develop awareness construction, design, and manufacturing areas. 
Subjects:Industrial Technology
Grade Levels:10 - 12

Distant Learning Coordinator Contact Information
DLC Contacts: Diane Wolfe dmwolfe@esu2.org 402-721-7710
BJ Peters bpeters@esu13.org 308-635-3696
Molly Aschoff maschoff@esu8.org 402-887-5041
Scott Jones scott.jones@esusixteen.org 308-534-2424
Andrew Easton aeaston@esucc.org 888-888-8888

Course Section Offerings
Section Offerings
4869 Offered: 1:07 PM-1:57 PM(Central) - MTWRF from 8/16/2017 to 5/16/2018  Hilsinger, T.J.
7252 Offered: 1:07 AM-1:57 AM(Central) - MTWRF from 8/17/2020 to 5/11/2021  Hilsinger, T.J.