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Course Name:Chinese 3/4
Entity:Lincoln North Star High School
Description:This course will have a combination of level 3 and level 4 students. For level 3: Facility of use of the language in listening, speaking and writing, as well as reading comprehension, are the goals of the third-year foreign language class. Students begin reading longer passages and some literature. Accomplishments of famous people in the arts and from an historical perspective have a larger role in the learning of cultural materials. A grade of a C or better is highly recommended for success at the next level. For level 4: The fourth year focuses attention on the individual student by emphasizing continuous progress in writing, reading and civilization. Speaking and listening comprehension is strengthened by the use of the language in class activities. Literature, in the form of short stories, plays and novels, provides greater emphasis on reading and new insight into the culture.
Subjects:Foreign Language
Grade Levels:9 - 12
Prerequisites:Chinese Level 2 to enter level 3. Chinese level 3 to enter level 4.
Comments:Because of the mix of levels in the class, students should be motivated and able to do some work independently.

Distant Learning Coordinator Contact Information
DLC Contacts: Beth Kabes bkabes@esucc.org 402-564-5753
Jason Thomsen jthomse@lps.org 402-436-1814

Course Section Offerings
Section Offerings
4794 Offered: 8:55 AM-9:45 AM(Central) - MTWRF from 8/15/2017 to 12/22/2017  Su, Coral
4795 Offered: 8:55 AM-9:45 AM(Central) - MTWRF from 1/8/2018 to 5/24/2018  Su, Coral
5262 Offered: 8:55 AM-9:45 AM(Central) - MTWRF from 8/14/2018 to 12/20/2018  Su, Coral
5263 Offered: 8:55 AM-9:45 AM(Central) - MTWRF from 1/7/2019 to 5/23/2019  Su, Coral