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Course Name:Personal Leadership
Entity:Ord Jr-Sr High School


What core principles illuminate your life and leadership?  What attitudes, beliefs and mindsets will lead you towards fulfillment and wellbeing?  What behaviors will put you on a path to actualizing your potential? 

In this class you will discover that there are some universal principles that drive fulfillment, wellbeing and success in life and leadership.  Moreover, there are some specific tools that leaders can implement to maximize their positive impact on their relationships at home, in the community and at work. 

Students will gain powerful, and often surprising insights how your mindset can drive your behavior and performance.  You will learn that gratitude, happiness and love are awesome forces that can be harnessed and serve as a guide for life and leadership.

The principles, beliefs and tools you will examine and acquire in Unlocking Your Synergistic Leader will enable you to approach life’s opportunities and challenges head on with much greater clarity. 

Topics to be Explored

  • Who is a leader? What constitutes leadership?
  • Different leadership styles
  • Followership theory
  • Leadership and the power of optimism
  • The power of personal visioning
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Finding your purpose
  • What it means to be a balanced leader
  • Becoming a change agent

Student Profile

 This course is designed for students in grades 9-12 who are looking to develop their personal leadership skills and begin approaching life’s opportunities and challenges with a mindset that encourages growth and creativity.

Grade Levels:9 - 12

Distant Learning Coordinator Contact Information
DLC Contacts: Beth Kabes bkabes@esucc.org 402-564-5753
Jason Everett Jeverett@esu10.org 308-237-5927

Course Section Offerings
Section Offerings
4202 Offered: 2:06 AM-2:56 AM(Central) - MTWRF from 1/3/2017 to 5/18/2017  Hagge, Mark
4203 Offered: 2:06 AM-2:56 AM(Central) - MTWRF from 1/3/2016 to 5/18/2016  To Be Determined