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Course Name:Financial Algebra
Provided Through:University of Nebraska High School
Entity:University of Nebraska High School
Description:Financial Algebra is a combination of Algebra and finance taught using applications and project based models. Financial Algebra is a course designed for students who are pursuing a stronger knowledge and skill set of Algebra concepts. Financial Algebra combines algebraic and graphical approaches with practical business and personal finance applications, which help to motivate students to explore algebraic thinking patterns and functions in a financial context. 
Grade Levels:9 - 12
Prerequisites:Two years of algebra and one year of geometry.
Comments:Need enrollment instructions? Visit: http://highschool.nebraska.edu or call Toll Free: 866-700-4747

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Course Section Offerings
Section Offerings
3106 Offered: Asynchronously from 8/1/2014 to 6/30/2015  Teacher, Nebraska Certificated
3428 Offered: Asynchronously from 7/1/2015 to 6/30/2016  Teacher, Nebraska Certificated
4037 Offered: Asynchronously from 7/1/2016 to 6/30/2017  Teacher, Nebraska Certificated
4665 Offered: Asynchronously from 7/1/2019 to 6/30/2020  Teacher, Nebraska Certificated
5184 Offered: Asynchronously from 7/1/2018 to 6/30/2019  Teacher, Nebraska Certificated
7002 Offered: Asynchronously from 8/1/2021 to 7/31/2022  Teacher, Nebraska Certificated
7471 Offered: Asynchronously from 8/1/2020 to 7/31/2021  Teacher, Nebraska Certificated
7854 Offered: Asynchronously from 8/1/2022 to 7/31/2023  Teacher, Nebraska Certificated
8322 Offered: Asynchronously from 8/1/2023 to 7/31/2024  Teacher, Nebraska Certificated