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Course Name:College Algebra (MTH 1503)
Entity:Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture
Description:Functions, inverse functions, graphing of linear and quadratic functions, the conic sections, polynomial functions, rational functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, systems of equations, determinants and matrices, and higher degree equations.
Grade Levels:9 - 12
Comments:Transfers to University of Nebraska-Lincoln as MATH 101 (College Algebra). This dual credit course can be delivered 100% online by a qualified NCTA instructor or taught as a hybrid course with a qualified high school instructor acting as facilitator or "teaching assistant." For questions, contact Eric Reed, NCTA Division Chair of General Education: ereed2@unl.edu

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Section Offerings
1553 Offered: Synchronously - schedule yet to be determined  To Be Determined
3852 Offered: Asynchronously from 1/11/2016 to 5/5/2016  To Be Determined