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Course Information
Course Name:Intro to Ag
Entity:Morrill High School
Description:The introductory course of the Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Career Cluster provides a knowledge base and technical skills in all aspects of the industry. Learners will be exposed to a broad range of agriculture, food and natural resources careers, cluster foundation knowledge and skills, introduction to leadership development, the FFA organization and career exploration.

An overview of what I teach in Intro:
The FFA Organization
Intro to Business/Risk Management/budgets
Sales and marketing 
Animal science - selection of animals, anatomy, environmental factors
Plant science - crops, anatomy, soils
Careers and career readiness (we make resumes and fill out mock job applications)
leadership skills, SMART goals
Machinery/Small Engines - more of a theory type unit
Grade Levels:9 - 11

Distant Learning Coordinator Contact Information
DLC Contacts: BJ Peters bpeters@esu13.org 308-635-3696
Molly Aschoff maschoff@esu8.org 402-887-5041
Scott Jones scott.jones@esusixteen.org 308-534-2424

Course Section Offerings
Section Offerings
496 Offered: 1:20 PM-2:10 PM(Mountain) - MTWRF from 8/22/2011 to 5/18/2012  Cox, Rebecca
1246 Offered: 1:20 PM-2:10 PM(Mountain) - MTWRF from 8/20/2012 to 5/17/2013  Cox, Rebecca
1906 Offered: 9:44 AM-10:33 AM(Mountain) - MTWRF from 8/19/2013 to 5/16/2014  Cox, Rebecca
3619 Offered: 12:57 PM-1:46 PM(Mountain) - MTWRF from 8/18/2014 to 5/15/2015  Cox, Rebecca
4724 Offered: 9:00 AM-9:50 AM(Mountain) - MTWRF from 8/22/2016 to 5/12/2017  Wilke, Krystal
4748 Offered: 9:00 AM-9:50 AM(Mountain) - MTWRF from 8/21/2017 to 5/18/2018  Wilke, Krystal
5105 Offered: 9:00 AM-9:50 AM(Mountain) - MTWRF from 8/20/2018 to 5/17/2019  Wilke, Krystal