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    We will soon be adding a course request feature but in the meantime contact Gordon Roethemeyer, groethem@esucc.org with information about what course(s) you need and I will post your course request in this space.

    The Verification Window is open please verify all the courses your school sent this year ASAP so that those courses will appear correctly on the Incentives Application forms for your school and the schools that took courses from you.

    Ask me about Zoom.  I can send you an invitation to a Zoom desktop video conference and walk you through the steps for verification or adding a course or course section using screen sharing.  Also, Zoom is something you need to know about!
  • Freeman High School needs Spanish and American Government via DL for 2014-15

    Freeman is looking for an American Government Course and a Spanish I
    course for the 2014-15 year to receive via distance learning
  • Anselmo-Merna needs Spanish I,II, &III
    Anselmo-Merna is looking for Spanish classes

    • 9:00- 9:53 Spanish I
    • 9:55- 10:46 Spanish III
    • 9:55- 10:46 Spanish II
    • 1:55- 2:46 Spanish II
    • 2:48-3:49 Spanish II
    Darrin Max 7-12 Principal/AD
    Anselmo-Merna High School
    750 North Conway
    Merna, NE 68856
    Phone # 308-643-2224
  • Loup County Schools is looking for the following classes.
    Wildlife Management - 2:47-3:37
    Interior or Clothing Design - 11:43-12:30 or 2:47-3:37.

    Ken Sheets (ksheets@esu10.org)
    Loup County Public Schools
  • Ashland-Greenwood looking for French IV
    I have 1 student who I need to find a French IV class via DL.  He has
    taken French the last 2 years via DL very successfully.  Do you
    have/know of any contacts?  He could even use Zoom desktop
    etc to connect.

    Matt Flynn
    Technology Integration Specialist
    Ashland-Greenwood Public Schools

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